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Up to 1956, the majority of the Christian Reformed people in the Georgetown area attended Immanuel CRC in Brampton.


Since Immanuel CRC was growing rapidly in numbers, a group from Georgetown/Glen Williams area met with Immanuel’s consistory to discuss establishing a new congregation in Georgetown.


A building on 55 Main Street S, in Georgetown, which had formerly been a railroad station, a dairy building, and a bargain barn, was acquired by the Immanuel CRC and was converted into a meeting place. In January 1957, GCRC had its first Sunday service on its own as a congregation. While renovations were being done to the building, the first services were held in Stewarttown. When the renovations to the building were completed a dedication service was held in the new building in July 1957. 


Since the congregation continued to grow, planning began in 1961 to find a more suitable location. The present site of GCRC was bought from the Halton Hills Christian School and the church was built in 1966-67. The first addition to the church was completed in 1987 and another major addition was completed in 2006.


Reverend John VanHarmelen (1957-58)  served as the first pastor of GCRC while also continuing as pastor of Immanuel CRC. 


The first full-time pastor of GCRC was

Reverend Dick Los (1959-62),

Rev James Joosse (1963-67)

Rev Al VandenPol (1967-73)

Rev John De Jong (1978-88)

Rev William Suk (1980-81)

Rev Bert Slofstra (1984-90) 

Rev Paul Stadt (1989-97) 

Rev Mark Verbruggen (1995-2005)

Rev Ted Bootsma (2004-2009) 

Rev Gary van Leeuwen (2006-2013)

Rev Tom van Milligen (2013-2020) 

Rev. Kasey VanderVeen (2020 - 2022)


History of GCRC

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