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Congregational Assistance Plan

GCRC has partnered with Shalem Mental Health Network to offer Christian counseling services to our members.

This program is:

  • accessible: call Shalem’s very approachable and confidential intake person at 1-866-347-0041. Shalem’s people can help steer you towards CAP offerings for you.

  • God-centred: all CAP counselors must demonstrate Christian faith andthat their faith forms their counseling practice.

  • reputable: some of our church's members have already benefited from Shalem's counselors' help.

  • a gift from GCRC to you: usage of this service is covered by the church's contract with Shalem.

  • useful: short term counseling (up to six sessions per year) is aimed at helping people find solutions and put them into practice.


Feel free to visit the Shalem web site Elder John Van Egmond is our current congregational liaison for GCRC's CAP gift to you. If you have any questions about the service, or challenges with accessing it, please contact him.      


The Shalem weblink is 

and their blog


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