Our Pastor

Pastor Tom VanMilligen

Lead Pastor

Pastor Tom has been in ordained ministry since 1991. He's been a husband (to Lesli) since 1989 and a father (to Alexandra, who lives in Memphis TN, and then to Carol-Anna, who studies at Waterloo) since 1990. Since those momentous beginnings he's served congregations in Telkwa, BC, Troy, MI, West Chester, OH, and Guelph, ON. Along the way, he's driven a school bus, worked on two organic farms, and taught trombone lessons. 

Some discussion starters, should you ever meet him: 


  • tell me how you got your banjo. 

  • how did you get that scar above your eye?

  • what did you cook this week?


Some deeper ones, if you'd like:

  • how did you become interested in urban planning? And why is walking a Christian calling?

  • why did you enter the ministry of the Word?

  • what were the effects of memorizing psalms on your life?


But these third-person paragraphs that are written by the person they're about don't fool anybody. Send me an email if you'd like to talk about your relationship to God and his world. I'll listen and, if it fits, share what I've learned. 

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