Children and Youth Discipleship Director (CYDD)


Our vision at Georgetown Christian Reformed Church is that all our members will Grow in their Love for and Service to Our God and Our Neighbour

Equipped to Love and Serve

“We are God’s handiwork, created in Jesus to do Good Works” – Ephesians 2:10

GCRC is looking to add a part-time Children and Youth Discipleship Director to its ministry staff.  The incumbent is expected to provide both leadership to and coordination of various ministries to children and youth at GCRC.  This is a part-time ministry position of 20 hours per week.  
The Children and Youth Discipleship Director, along with CYDC leaders will endeavour to help achieve the above vision in our children and youth ministries by implementing the 5 goals and priorities set out in Compass 21:

1. GCRC will encourage each young person in their relationships with family, church members

    and each other through inclusion in the life of the church.
2. GCRC will allow each student to discover, participate in, develop and utilize their giftedness.
3. GCRC will help every young person build a loving relationship with Jesus Christ, personally and in

    community through: developing a testimony culture, developing a mentoring culture, teaching

    knowing Jesus, offering spiritual discipline opportunities, developing worship at the heart, and

    encouraging youth-driven mission that shapes the heart for Christ.
4. GCRC will engage in youth ministry that facilitates student’s growth by having them learn Biblical        truths and applying them to their lives through: teaching Biblical worldview and applying it to 

    current world realities, teaching apologetics, memorizing scripture, promoting action and 

    accountability, allowing youth to guide reflection and application, teaching catechism in a

    contemporary way, and integrating curriculum across the ministries.
5. GCRC will challenge and provide opportunities for youth to express their faith by becoming

    involved in service that is directed toward changing society and the world in which they live.

Roles and Responsibilities of CYDD

1. Keep the GCRC vision in view at all times and lead, plan, and facilitate the progress of the

    Compass 21 goals.
2. Be in a relational contact with children, youth, and their leaders with regularity and intentionality

    through a direct and significant ministry involvement.
•  Participate in youth ministry (Youth on Fire) according to his/her passions and gifts, and regularly

    engage with the youth through youth events
•  Visit with families with children and/or youth in their homes to better understand their concerns

    and hopes for their children/youth with regards to their faith formation
•  Work with ministry leaders to create and maintain a vibrant mentorship program for our youth to

    ensure that each youth is paired with an adult mentor to help guide their faith formation
•  Periodic “pop-in” at the various children and youth ministries to understand the programs and

    become familiar with the leaders and the children and youth
3. Work collaboratively with children and youth ministry leaders to:
•  Set yearly target goals in conjunction with ministry heads of children and youth ministries to plan

    and implement concrete steps towards the accomplishment of our Compass 21 goals
•  Participate at CYDC meetings (possibly as the chairperson)
•  Work with ministry leaders to connect families with children and/or youth with ways in which the

    church is supporting them in the faith formation of their children
•  Support leaders in their ministry by:
i.  Encouraging and empowering them in ministry
ii. Connecting ministry leaders and emerging young leaders with leadership resources and

iii. Assisting ministry leaders in developing new leaders and in succession planning
•   Provide support, as needed, to the Young Adult Ministry
•   Equip our youth with sound biblical knowledge and foundations (educational component)
•   Create service opportunities for our children and youth so that they may share God’s love with

     others (service component)
•   Create a fun, safe, and healthy environment where they can interact with peers and others and

      have a sense of belonging (social component)

Reporting and accountability
The position is accountable to Council.  Monthly report is to be submitted to Council Executive and occasional in-person participation in the Council Executive meeting may be required.  The Lead Pastor will also have an oversight of this individual for his/her ministry work on a day-to-day basis.

The ideal Children and Youth Discipleship Director should:
•    Love the Lord and his people - spiritually mature
•    Be able to articulate and appreciate a Reformed perspective of the Christian Faith
•    Be an excellent communicator
•    Have strong administrative skills and be well-organized
•    Have the ability to inspire, encourage, and empower others in ministry (ie: discipling others)
•    Be self motivated and take initiative
•    Have passion for ministry, especially in the areas of children and youth
•    Have experience working with children, youth and their leaders in ministry
•    Have the experience and/or ability to lead and facilitate training
•    Be a regular attendee of GCRC’s morning worship services.



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